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ART is a soft tissue management system that breaks up scar tissue and adhesions which form in soft tissue of the body from either direct injury, constant tension or repetitive movements. ART is commonly used in most professional and athletic institutions such as NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA as well as work injury treatment/ prevention programs. When tissues have been injured or tighten up, scar tissue is formed. While necessary for healing, scar tissue may stick to adjacent structures causing restricted range of motion, decreased flexibility, and may compress nerves or blood supply. This contributes to muscle fatigue, weakness and pain, as well as numbness tingling sensation.

Our clinic uses Active Release Technique during each treatment. Once the restricted area has been identified, hands-on treatment and patient motion are used to "free up" adhesions. Our goal is to loosen up and release the soft tissues surrounding the affected area before giving a chiropractic adjustment. We are able to treat many different types of conditions and work on body parts other than just the spine.  Treatment duration and frequency vary depending on the severity and complexity of the injury. In addition to treating people trying to recover from injuries, we often see people who are considering surgery, have had an unsuccessful surgery, or want to incorporate our treatment as part of their post-surgical rehabilitation.

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